HIV E-Vaccine Abzentek

Investment Rationale

  • US market: Therapy of Alzheimer disease (5.8 Mil patients).xxxxx
  • Advantages: Intravenous Alzyme rapidly removes brain amyloid β. Unlike competitors, does not compromise cognitive function due inflammatory effect and vascular damage. Can be used in combination with a tau-directed catabody to cleanse both brain amyloids.
  • Investment Opportunity: Milestone-driven execution of Alzyme-Tauzyme development plan offers exit opportunities at increase valuation for both long-term and relatively short-term investors.

Financing Ask, Timeline

  • Angel money: We will reduce the risk of our novel Alzheimer therapy approach with $1.5 M funding over 12 months by proving: (a) Improved cognition in a mouse model due to the unique Alzyme mechanism, where other drugs have failed, (b) Improved efficacy gained by combining  Alzyme with Tauzyme.
  • The results will help us raise $11-12 M at a favorable valuation for Alzyme-Tauzyme development through Phase 1 trials.