Catabodies Alzyme-Tauzyme For Alzheimer

Investment Rationale

  • US Market: Alzheimer disease treatment is an urgent problem (5.8 Mil patients).

  • Advantages: Competing antibodies failed because they induce the all-important inflammatory and vascular damage that compromises cognition. Intravenous and gene-delivered Alzyme destroyed and removed brain amyloid β without such off-target damage in mouse models. We also know how to cleanse the brain fully of both toxic amyloids (amyloid β, misfolded Tau) by combining Alzyme with a tau-directed catabody.

  • Investment Opportunity: Milestone-driven execution of Alzyme-Tauzyme development plan offers exit opportunities at increase valuation for investors with 3-4 years vision.

Next Steps

Alzyme removes brain amyloid β within hours without inducing inflammation. We will optimize the cognition effect through detailed analysis of Alzyme dose and treatment duration in mouse models. Further, we will do side-by-side tests of combined Alzyme/Tauzyme catabody treatment compared to separate monotherapy with the two catabodies. In preparation for human trials, we will complete animal safety and catabody manufacturing tests. In the initial Phase 1 safety trials, we will search for an efficacy signal in patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer disease using established criteria for monitoring arrest/reversal of cognitive decline. We expect brain imaging biomarkers to prove the absence of vascular damage and neuroinflammation as seen in animal tests.